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The newly created Faculty is led by the Dean, Prof. Dr. med. Mario Bianchetti. The Dean is a member of the University Council of USI, the highest authority of USI in terms of academic and administrative management. As with the other USI Faculties, the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences has a high level of independence in defining study curricula and research activities.

The Dean is assisted in his daily operations by the Faculty secretariat and by the local working group, the operative unit of the Steering Committee, which elaborates and processes all the tasks received from the Dean respectively from the Steering Committee itself.

At the same time, the Dean is Chair of the Steering Committee, which includes representatives from the partner institutions and from the Swiss public authorities. The Steering Committee is responsible for:

  • Establishing academic collaborations and elaborating letters of intents with partner universities;
  • Defining study curricula;
  • Defining job profiles and requisition catalogues for future Faculty members;.
  • Collaborating with Federal authorities, especially with AAQ (accreditation)

As needed and required, specific working groups will be formed with partner universities as well as with clinics and physicians from Ticino.

After the transition phase, the Faculty will consist of the following governing bodies:

Dean and Vice-Dean

The Dean presides and manages the Faculty, assisted and, in case, represented by the Vice-Dean

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is responsible and speaks out for the general interests of the Faculty, especially with regards to educational and research activites. It is presided by the Faculty Dean and includes the full professors, adjunct professors, assistant professors, representatives of the academic body (assistants, PhD students), representatives of the student body from the Master in Medicine and representatives of the lecturers.

Professors Council

The Professors Council is engaged in the process for the appointment of new professors of the Faculty, allocates courses to lecturers and proposes nominees for Doctor honoris causa and Professor emeritus. It is presided by the Dean of the Faculty and includes full professors and adjunct professors.