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Admission procedure

Positions at Swiss medical schools are limited and the number of admissions per academic year is decided at Federal level. Therefore, the admission process to a Medical School is organized by swissuniversities, the Federal organization responsible for coordinating the Swiss institutions of higher education.

There are specific requirements and restrictions for Medical studies at USI. Please read both regulations:

The registration process for restricted admission (implemented at the universities of Basel, Bern, Freiburg, Zürich, USI and ETHZ) is the following:

15.02.19 swissuniversities application deadline for registration to medical school (the online application is available from the end of November 2018)
Mar 2019 Admission requirements are verified for each applicant (see regulations metioned above).
21.05.19 swissuniversities application deadline for the aptitude test - Since study positions at Swiss medical schools are limited, all applicants applying at USI are required to take an aptitude test.
05.07.19 Aptitude test
Aug 2019 USI will notify candidates of aptitude test results
Aug 2019 Candidates must oficially register for Medical studies at USI and will be matriculated for their first Bachelor year.
16.09.19 Beginning of Bachelor in Medicine