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Medical studies

In Switzerland, medical schools are organized according to the Bologna system, with an undergraduate (Bachelor) level and a graduate (Master) level.

The Bachelor degree is a 3-year basic training in medicine with which students earn 60 ECTS per annum, for overall 180 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System, 1 ECTS equals approx. 30 hours of studying activity). With a Bachelor degree in Medicine, students may apply for a Master programme in Medicine.

The Master degree is a 3-year programme with which students earn 60 ECTS per annum, for overall 180 ECTS. The Master of Medicine degree is the prerequisite for admission to the Swiss Federal examination . The Federal diploma is itself a prerequisite for admission to specialist training programmes.

In line with the structure of medical schools in Switzerland, USI will offer a 3-years Master degree in Medicine, starting in autumn 2020. Furthermore, from the autumn semester 2017 it will offer 15 Bachelor positions in a joint agreement with the University of Basel (UNIBAS), according to which the students are matriculated at USI but will attend classes at UNIBAS. 

Likewise, from the autumn semester 2017, our main partner university ETH Zurich will offer a Bachelor in Medicine for up to 100 students. After successfully completing the 3-year Bachelor training, around 50 of these 100 students will continue their Master education at USI. Furthermore, the University of Zurich (UZH) will offer an additional 12 Bachelor positions to students who intend to continue their training at USI.

For full details on admission to the medical school at USI please refer to: