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  • Application for academic titles

    Application for the title of PD or titular professor at the Faculty of biomedical Sciences:

    It is possible to apply for the title of PD (new or recognition) or titular professor (new or recognition) by sending the following documents to the Dean's Office (

    1. Letter of motivation

    2. Letter of presentation from the representative of the discipline, within the Board of Professors;

    3. Curriculum vitae; (based on the model available for PD o for titular professor)

    4. Federal medical qualification (or non-Swiss qualification recognized in Switzerland)

    5. Doctoral degree (Dr. med.)

    6. FMH specialty title(s)

    7. Documentation of teaching activity and participation in a teaching course

    8. List of publications in peer-reviewed journals and of research funds

    9. Recognition of titles: document certifying the receipt of the title of PD or titular professor from a Swiss faculty

    For any information please contact:, Dean’s office: +41 58 666 49 00




    Dates for submission of application

    Applications must be reviewed by the Dean before being submitted to the Promotion Committee. Therefore, the quarterly dates for submitting applications are set out below. Applications received after the deadline of a quarter will be discussed at the following meeting.

    Submission date  Date of meetings of the promotion committee
    26.08.2019 09.09.2019
    28.10.2019 11.11.2019
    30.12.2019 13.01.2020
    24.02.2020 09.03.2020
    27.04.2020 11.05.2020
    29.06.2020 13.07.2020
    28.09.2020 12.10.2020


  • Job opportunities and open calls

    Open calls and job opportunities at the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences are published on the dedicated USI web page:


    Other work possibilities

    Please refer to the dedicated website page for information on other work possibilities at USI