Fees and scholarships


The tuition fee for all students enrolled in a Bachelor or a Master at USI, including those attending the Bachelor of Medicine at Universities of Basel and Bern, is CHF 4’000 per semester. Tuition for applicants whose residence was in Switzerland (including Liechtenstein) at the time of obtaining the high school diploma (maturità) is CHF 2’000 per semester. All fees must be paid before the beginning of each semester, by the deadline stated the invoice. Payment is a requirement for enrolment or renewing registration.




Master of Medicine

The IBSA Foundation for Scientific Research firmly believes that faith in the future can be obtained by building solid foundations through education and specialized research. Therefore, the IBSA Foundation for Scientific Research offers scholarships to USI students in their 1st or 2nd year of Master of medicine every year.

Additional information can be found among the attachments.


Bachelor of Medicine

The Foundation for the Lugano faculties of the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) is offering 25 renewable annual scholarships for students enrolled in the Bachelor of Medicine.

The call for the FFL Scholarship can be found among the attachments of this webpage and includes the link to the online application form.