Admission to Medical Studies

Places for medical studies in Switzerland are limited. The number of possible admissions is decided each year by federal authorities.
Future students wishing to study medicine at USI are required to pass the admission test. Specific rules and limitations apply to admission. In particular, special admission conditions apply to foreign applicants. Due to the limited capacity of study places in medical faculties in Switzerland, severe restrictive measures apply to foreign applicants, and in general, foreigners living abroad cannot be admitted to medical faculties in Switzerland. According to a recommendation of the Swiss Conference of Higher Education Institutions, certain categories of foreign applicants are treated the same as Swiss applicants. These groups can enroll in medical studies. Please read the relevant Regulations for limitation of Admission to Medical Studies carefully. 
Important: The required conditions listed in the Regulations for limitation of Admission to Medical Studies must already be met at the time of the application deadline and proof documents must be submitted no later than the application deadline (Bachelor's degree 15 February, Master's degree 30 April).
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