Organisation of the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences

Organisational chart of the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences
Organisational chart of the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences

The Faculty of Biomedical Sciences is progressively implementing its organisational structure, as outlined in its statutes. Transitional regulations are applied in its first phase (from its creation in 2014 to the launch of the Master of Medicine in 2020), and the Faculty contemplates the following bodies and roles:



The Dean chairs and manages the Faculty, assisted and/or represented by one of the full professors. He is a member of the University Council.


Current Dean:

Giovanni Pedrazzini

Dean of the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences

Luca Gabutti

Vice Dean for training

Greta Guarda

Vice Dean for research

Board of Professors

The Board of Professors is currently responsible for / and advises on all matters relating to the general interests of the Faculty, in particular teaching and research activities. It is chaired by the Faculty Dean, and includes the tenured professors.



According to USI statute, Institutes are training and research units supported by one or more Faculties, subject to approval by the University Council.

The responsibilities, tasks, organisation and members of the Institutes are defined by specific agreements between the Faculties and the Rectorate. These agreements set the scope and limits within which an Institute can engage in its own right with third parties. The contract has limited duration and is renewable.

The Institutes do not have a distinct legal personality and are headed by a Director appointed among professors (Full or Associate) of the Institutes, according to the terms of agreement. Specialised sub-units (centres, observatories, laboratories, groups ...) can be created inside or in cooperation between the Institutes, with the aim of carrying out specific research projects and/or handling specific aspect of the training.

The list of the Institutes supported on an organisational level by the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences is available at this page:



The Faculty includes an organisational unit dedicated to continuing education and other activities in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation, called Center of Advanced Studies on Entrepreneurship in BioMedicine - CASE BioMed


Associate entities

The following entities are associated to the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences:

The association with USI of a third party institution allows a formal synergy between the University and the institution in areas of interest. The institution is not involved in the University strategic planning or general regulations. The Association is defined by the law that regulates the Università della Svizzera italiana, art. 12b.


Administration and services

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