Research at the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences at a glance

Facoltà di scienze biomediche
PhD Biomedical Sciences
PhD Biomedical Sciences

The USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences carries out basic, experimental and translational research, in particular in the following macro-areas:

  • Immunology
  • Cell Biology
  • Oncology
  • Cancer Biology
  • Neurosciences
  • Cardiovascular Sciences
  • Clinical Medicine
  • Public Health
  • Computational Biology and Pharmacology
  • Computational Medicine

Reseach is conducted mainly within the Institutes supported at an organizational level by the Faculty, namely:

Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB)

IRB, founded in 2000, is active in the field of immunology and cellular biology, with 120 researchers from all over the world working in 13 different groups.

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Institute of Oncology Research (IOR)

IOR was established in 2003 and operates in the fields of tumour biology, genomics, molecular oncology and experimental therapies, with about 60 researchers working in six different groups.

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Institute of Public Health (IPH)

IPH performes reasearch, training and practice in broad activities and allows for a variety of projects and approaches. It collaborates with and includes members from other Faculties at USI.


Euler Institute

The Euler Institute is USI’s central node for interdisciplinary research and the connection between exact sciences and life sciences.

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Furthermore, the Research of the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences is performed at the cantonal hospital:

Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale (EOC)

The EOC represents the major partner for clinical research and covers a broad spectrum of human research areas, including oncology, neurosciences, cardiology, imaging, internal medicine, surgery, and many others. 

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