Medical Doctor at the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences

The Faculty of Biomedical Sciences offers the opportunity to submit the dissertation for obtaining the Medical Doctor (Dr. med) diploma.

Application for matriculation to the Doctor of Medicine ( / MD) program can be submitted electronically to [email protected], only if the candidate holds a Federal Medical Diploma (state examination), a medical degree awarded by a Swiss medical school or a foreign degree recognized by the Federal Office of Health (MEBEKO).

In addition to this, it is necessary to have the acceptance of a Faculty member (Full or Extraordinary Professor, Full Professor or Privatdozent) to direct the thesis - click here for the list of Faculty members

Application for matriculation requires the following documents:

1.  Curriculum vitae

2.  School-leaving certificate

3.  Medical diploma after passing the state examination; or foreign medical diploma, recognized by the Federal Health Office

4.  Dissertation agreement (doctoral thesis agreement)


Acceptance Procedure

Upon completion of the dissertation the candidate agrees to send:

1.      Dissertation

2.      Dissertation evaluation drafted by the dissertation management.

After an initial review, the dissertation is forwarded to the Doctoral committee, which directly accepts the work if there are no critical issues.



The registration fee for the doctorate in medicine ( is CHF 500.

The awarding of the doctorate is contingent upon payment of the fee.



The title of Medical Doctor (MD) at the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences is granted according to the relevant Regulation for promotion MD.