Master of Medicine

Master in Medicina
Master in Medicina
Master in Medicina

The USI Master of Medicine is a 6-semester graduate-level study programme of medical training for undergraduate students, mainly from our partner universities ETH Zurich, University of Basel, and University of Bern.

The study curriculum of USI Master of Medicine combines the most modern didactic methods and trends available today with the strong model of the Swiss academic tradition. Our goal is to prepare students for the Federal medical licensing examination, adequately and rigorously, and above all to train future outstanding physicians to face the challenges of the rapidly evolving field of medicine.


Our training model

The study curriculum is designed to offer an innovative, attractive, and motivating education, including:

  • a large amount of clinical practice, discussion of clinical cases, and practical exercises;
  • constant and regular dialogue with professors, thanks to the favourable student-to-teacher-ratio;
  • an integrated curriculum, focused on the concrete situations a physician will face, on the basis of the PROFILES model.

Our students are thus actively at the core of the learning process and learn by doing. This is made possible thanks to a study programme rigorous and, at the same time, engaging, based on the following "pillars":

  • interaction with many patients;
  • theoretical and practical lessons focused on priorities;
  • peer-assisted learning with senior physicians;
  • building a portfolio of in depth analysis of actual clinical cases;
  • interactive small groups and self-study.

Further information is available on the following presentation:
Presentation of the Master of Medicine and Plan of studies (pdf download).



The language of tuition for the Master of Medicine is English. Italian will also be used during the clinical practice.