The MD-PhD programme enables medical students to prepare for a career in biomedical research combining scientific work and clinical training in an academic setting. The goal is to give them the required scientific competences and skills to contribute to translational, disease- and patient-oriented research.



Applicants must have successfully completed their Bachelor of Medicine and obtained outstanding grades in their 1st year of Master of Medicine. They must also have a strong interest in the field of biomedical research. The selection is made by the PhD Graduate Studies Committee. Interested students should contact [email protected] during their first year of Master to arrange a meeting aimed at defining their MD-PhD programme.

The MD-PhD programme is not aimed at doctors who got an MD title together with their medical diploma, as it is usually done in many European countries, and who are willing to start a PhD. These doctors should follow the regular application process for PhD students.


Regulations and directives

Successful graduates obtain both the doctoral title of “ (MD)” and of “PhD” according to the regulation for the degree of Medical Doctor and the regulation for the degree of PhD of the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences. More information on the MD-PhD dual training can be found here.