PhD Programmes at the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences

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The Faculty of Biomedical Sciences awards a single degree of PhD in Biomedical Sciences with the following specialisations:

Doing a PhD at any of the affiliated or partner institutes of the Faculty entails full immersion in a challenging and intellectual community of international students. The PhD programmes provide solid scientific education, including general and specific skills, seminars, lectures, and retreats. The cooperation with the Clinical Trial Unit EOC (CTU-EOC) guarantees qualified and specialised support in all areas of clinical research for PhD theses Servizi di supporto alla ricerca - CTU EOC. Moreover, students have the opportunity to attend classes of the PhD programme "Biomedicine" offered in Zurich (ETH-UZH).


Open calls

Trial work shall be organised and financed at the institute or partner where the programme is run. Open positions are published on the respective websites. Doctoral positions are not funded directly by USI.



The structure of doctoral studies is indicated in the relevant regulations below.




PhD Doctoral courses

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