Admission to the Bachelor of Medicine


Admission to the USI Bachelor of Medicine is limited according to restrictions defined at a national Swiss level. A national aptitude test is also to be expected. Specifically, passing the nationally organized admission test is required. Specific rules and restrictions apply to admission. In particular, special admission conditions apply to foreign applicants. Due to the limited capacity of study places in medical faculties in Switzerland, strict restrictive measures apply to foreign applicants, and in general, it is not possible to admit foreigners living abroad to medical faculties in Switzerland. According to a recommendation of the Swiss Conference of Higher Education Institutions, certain categories of foreign applicants are treated the same as Swiss applicants. These groups can enroll in medical studies.

All the requirements for admission to the Bachelor's degree are defined in the following documents. Please read carefully:



Admission procedure is coordinated at a national level by swissuniversities, the organisation that brings together Swiss universities. The application must therefore be submitted directly to swissuniversities, within the deadline and according to the procedure at the following page:

Admission requirements to USI will therefore be verified, and swissuniversities will then inform the candidate whether or not he/she can take the aptitude test. The candidate will then register for the test and take it. USI will inform the candidate on the test results.

The main stages for admission and deadlines can be found below:

Important steps


Deadline for submitting the application to swissuniversities.

March 2023

The requirements for admission to medical studies at USI are verified for each candidate. swissuniversities then informs the candidate whether or not (s)he can take the aptitude test.


Registration deadline for the aptitude test. The number of admissions to medical schools in Switzerland is limited. All students applying for medical studies at USI are required to take the aptitude test.


Date of the aptitude test.

August 2023

USI shares the aptitude test results with the candidates and, in case of positive results, informs them on the next administrative steps to be taken for registration.