USI-EOC collaboration agreement for research in biomedical sciences presented


Institutional Communication Service

6 March 2020

The agreement for the development of joint clinical research activities signed by Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale (EOC) and USI was presented today on the Lugano campus of Università della Svizzera italiana (USI). The agreement takes into account both the academic needs and the importance of research to improve the quality and safety of the care provided.

"In 2020 USI will welcome the first students of its Master in Medicine - underlined the Rector of USI Prof. Boas Erez - but teaching is not the only pillar of the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences: research represents another central element of the Faculty, and with this agreement pertaining to clinical research the collaboration around the Master will be marked by an even closer collaboration between EOC and USI".

"The core research activities of EOC, in particular in clinical research, will continue to be mainly integrated and carried out in-house - explained EOC President of the Board of Directors Paolo Sanvido – but concerning the academic aspects, they will be developed with USI".

The press conference to present the agreement was also attended by the Head of the Education, Research and Innovation Area of EOC Prof. Michele Ghielmini, the Dean of the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences Prof. Mario Bianchetti, the Director of the Neurocenter of Southern Switzerland (NSI) Prof. Alain Kaelin and the Director of the USI project Life Sciences Competence Center Prof. Vittorio Limongelli.


Adding value to respective competences

The spokespersons illustrated the many areas in which the two institutions have decided to seek common solutions and to work together in order to enhance each other's skills and expertise. Specifically, this agreement will make it possible to provide more effective services in support of research, innovation and intellectual property management, as well as better access to funding and scientific documentation. The agreement also includes quality monitoring of the activities with particular attention to the ethical aspects. It also provides for the possibility of having joint research institutes: EOC clinical research groups to which USI may give academic recognition on the basis of an evaluation of their activity. Finally, USI and EOC will jointly develop a strategy for clinical research in their respective plans, fostering collaboration between qualified actors regardless of their institution.


A favourable context

The agreement presented today sets in a particularly positive context. A few days ago the City of Lugano and Bellinzona announced that, united, they are committed to supporting the cantonal pole of biomedical research on the Bellinzona-Lugano axis and to implementing the most appropriate framework conditions for its consolidation. The objective, perfectly in line with that of the agreement presented today, is to strengthen synergies between the institutes active in experimental, clinical and translational biomedical research in the area, support the common strategy signed by all parties involved, optimise investments and encourage the establishment of new activities in the life sciences sector.