Thank you to all student and staff volunteer


Institutional Communication Service

30 March 2020

Master's student Laura Schnittger created last week a group of volunteers to help seniors and families in need. She would like to thank all of those who, with great dedication, have joined the initiative. Several USI students and collaborators have in fact given support to the people in the Swiss Italian-speaking region who are at risk during this pandemic. An act of solidarity that makes the whole USI community proud.

Students leaving at the neighborhood doors supplies was particularly appreciated: a way to reach out without resorting to digital means, which is exactly what the recipients needed. The message that was sent was along these lines: "Since we live in the same neighborhood, we have most likely bumped into each already. I would be happy to help you with your shopping, or run your errands to the pharmacy or whatever else you need. It would be a real pleasure to be able to help you!". Those who still want to join the initiative can find in the attachment the flyer to print and fill in with personal information: "New help would be useful" - explains Laura - "because the requests, especially involving food shopping for the elderly, are multiplying. And building a connection with people who require assistance, even if only for a short phone call, can be the highlight of the day for those who are particularly lonely".

The coordinator of this initiative can be contacted at [email protected].