Healing through Music - Music as life companion for wellbeing throughout the lifespan


Staff - Faculty of Biomedical Sciences

Date: 21 November 2022 / 18:00 - 19:00

Multipurpose Hall of the East Campus in Lugano

Research into music psychology has highlighted the marked effects of listening to music on a sense of well-being, quality of life and emotions. This lesson offers an overview of the importance of listening to music and its role in health and well-being throughout life. A wide range of evidence suggests that singing lullabies during pregnancy can strengthen the bond between mother and child. Music can help adolescents build personal and social identity, promoting self-control, self-expression and participation in the community. Adults often listen to music in everyday life to regulate emotions and psycho-physiological functions. In difficult situations, like the Covid-19 pandemic, many people found music a resource for coping with and managing isolation. Music also continues to offer valuable support for better health in old age.


  • Liila Taruffi, researcher at Durham University (UK)


  • Paolo Paolantonio, musician and researcher at Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana


  • Cristiana Sessa, USI professor and head of the Gynaecological Cancer Department

Music programme

Auriga for piano and live electronics –2022 - Danilo Gervasoni (1987*)
Performed by: Bruna Di Virgilio (piano) and Danilo Gervasoni (live electronics)