USI Academic Senate: elections results


Institutional Communication Service

24 May 2023

Polls have closed for the election of members of the USI Academic Senate. The senators have been appointed for the fourth term of office with an expected entry into office on 1 September 2023.

Congratulations to those elected and a heartfelt thank you to all the candidates who made themselves available.



  • Bearth Valentin
    Scientific area: Architecture
  • Miller Quintus
    Scientific area: Architecture
  • Astrologo Annamaria
    Scientific area: Economics and Law
  • Jametti Mario
    Scientific area: Economics and Law
  • Hibberd Matthew
    Scientific area: Social Sciences
  • Landoni Monica
    Scientific area: Informatics
  • Tonella Paolo
    Scientific area: Informatics
  • Multerer Michael
    Scientific area: Mathematics
  • Frank Christoph
    Scientific area: Humanities
  • Limongelli Vittorio
    Scientific area: Human Medicine and Life Sciences



  • Battaglia Elena
    Doctoral assistant
  • Lucchini Costanza
    Doctoral assistant
  • Cometta Mosè
    Post-doctoral assistant, Researcher or Lecturer-researcher
  • Guerra Marco
    Atelier assistant architect



  • Pedone Guido Junior Maria
    Student, Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society
  • Galli Gioele
    Student, Faculty of Economics
  • Palmieri Roberto
    Student, Faculty of Informatics
  • Peduzzi Enrico
    Student, Academy of Architecture


Administration, library, logistics staff

  • Cafaro Teresa
    non-Academy staff
  • Prevostini Mauro
    non-Academy staff
  • Rigamonti Simona
    non-Academy staff
  • Tardini Stefano
    non-Academy staff
  • Perregrini Stefano
    Academy staff

The results of the election are now posted on the platform (access with eduID), in the section "Election results".