Healing Words - Mind-Body Unity. How emotions change our organism


Institutional Communication Service

16 October 2023

The inaugural lecture of the course Culture and Health - Healing Words will be held on Monday, 16 October 2023 at 6 pm in the East Campus multipurpose room. In this first lecture, Enzo Grossi will examine the scientific evidence supporting the concept of mind-body unity, perhaps the most important in the bio-psycho-social model.

He will discuss the hegemonic role of the mind in somatic physiology, the relationships between stress and many medical and clinical pathologies, and its effects on the immune system. Understanding these phenomena will make clearer the power that emotions aroused by art, culture and narrative exert on our health.
Giovanni Pedrazzini and Roberto Malacrida, as discussants, will supplement the talk with historical and philosophical notes.


Enzo Grossi, MD, surgeon, lecturer, and researcher expert on culture and health

Discussion with:
Roberto Malacrida, EOC Board of Directors, Fondazione Sasso Corbaro for Medical Humanities and chairman of the Clinical Ethics Commission for disability
Giovanni Pedrazzini, full professor and dean of USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences and head of the cardiology service at Istituto Cardiocentro Ticino

The reading will be interpreted by Anahi Traversi

More information can be found at the following link.