USI and IBSA Foundation Scholarships 2023


Institutional Communication Service

30 October 2023

A ceremony was held on 16 October 2023 to award 50 scholarships by IBSA Foundation to first-year students and 67 to second-year students of the Master of Medicine programme at USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences.

Welcoming the audience of students was the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Giovanni Pedrazzini, who shed light on the awarding criteria, detailing the allocation of the prizes and highlighting how the scholarships offered by the Foundation are, first and foremost, an excellent opportunity for students and, no less important, a means of attracting talent to study medicine in the Canton.  

"I firmly believe in the philosophy that forms the core of IBSA Foundation for Scientific Research. It's simple and straightforward - those fortunate enough to receive a lot from life have a responsibility to give back to the people and the world around them. They should share a part of what they have received with others."

This was the reflection left by IBSA Group President and CEO Arturo Licenziati to underline the commitment to doing one's part, as in the case of the Foundation, which is at the forefront of encouraging academic study and supporting university students. 

Also present at the ceremony were USI Rector Luisa Lambertini and IBSA Foundation Director Silvia Misiti.

The event concluded with a dialogue and direct encounter with the students.