"Between Neuroscience and the Humanities" - Sir John Eccles Foundation Competition


Institutional Communication Service

15 November 2023

The Sir John Eccles Foundation has announced a prize of CHF 1'000, which aims to enhance the dialogue between the humanities and the bio-medical disciplines in the study and understanding of the mind. The winner will have the opportunity to present his or her work at the Foundation's autumn symposium at the Centro Monte Verità in Ascona.

Scientific articles (published or in the process of being published), as well as papers presenting master's or doctoral theses in summary form, by students at Swissuniversities (Universities of Applied Sciences, Universities and Institutes of Technology), in which the interdisciplinary aspects of research on the mind clearly emerges, are eligible.

The call for papers is open to individuals involved in both the fields of science and the humanities.

The papers will be evaluated not only according to criteria of quality and originality but also for the ability to bring into dialogue and integrate the humanities perspective with the scientific perspective, or the scientific perspective with the humanities, in the study of the mind.


Paperwork and deadlines

The text and abstract, accompanied by the candidate's resume, must be sent to [email protected] by 29 Februar 2024.

The jury is composed of six members representing different disciplines and institutions:

  • Dr. Rosalba Morese, Università della Svizzera italiana (psychology and neuroscience)
  • Prof. Antonio Loprieno, University of Basel (science - president of the jury)
  • Lic. Phil. Guenda Bernegger, University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland (philosophy - project coordinator for the FJE)
  • Prof. Fabio Minazzi, University of Insubria (philosophy)
  • Prof. Anita Lüthi, University of Lausanne (neuroscience)
  • Prof. Maria Teresa Ferretti, University of Vienna and Karolinska Institute (neuroscience) 


For further information, please visit the dedicated website