Women on the move in time of war - opening of the exhibition dedicated to Annemarie Schwarzenbach


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Date: 12 April 2022 / 18:00 - 19:30

A11 Palazzo Rosso Campus Ovest - Università della Svizzera italiana

On the initiative of the Master in Economia e politiche internazionali, USI opens its doors of the Red building to get to know the historical figures of  the Swiss journalists and writers Ella Maillart and Annemarie Schwarzenbach and to reflect about the theme "Women travelling in wartime".

The photographic exhibition

From 12 April to 18 May 2022, the corridors of the Red Building of West Campus Lugano will host the photographic exhibition dedicated to Ella Maillart and Annemarie Schwarzenbach: forty shots that trace the 1939 car trip of two Swiss journalists and writers who left from Geneva to Kabul, on behalf of important newspapers and magazines. However, their business trip also represents a spiritual escape from a Europe that, after the massacres of World War 1, found itself drawn into the vortex of Nazism and the tragedy of World War 2. 

While today the threat of a new world conflict looms over Europe once again and the Russian attack on Ukraine is forcing many people, especially women, to flee, the theme of the exhibition reminds us that in 1939, in equally dark times, two women undertook, alone, a journey to the East in search of some hope of peace. An incredible reversal of today's common perspective and stereotypes about Europe, Afghanistan, women's rights, peace and war.

The exhibition is open to the public during the following hours:

- Monday through Friday from 09:00 to 21:00

- Saturday and Sunday from 09:00 to 18:00

Palazzo Rosso USI West Campus, Lugano

Round table "Women travelling in wartime"

At the opening of the exhibition dedicated to the Swiss journalists and writers Ella Maillart and Annemarie Schwarznebach, Università della Svizzera italiana is pleased to invite at the round table "Women travelling in wartime" on 12 April in room A11 (Red Building, West Campus Lugano). The discussion will focus on the journey of Ella Maillart and Annemarie Schwarzenbach, and then on the journey of all women; a complex voyage in times of peace and, even more so, in times of war, when too many, are forced to become war refugees. 

Guests for the evening:

Sabrina Dallafior
Consul General of Switzerland in Milan

Tommaso Frattini
Professor of Economics, University of Milan

Boas Erez
Rector of Università della Svizzera italiana

Federica Frediani 
Project leader of the Middle East Mediterranean Summer Summit, Università della Svizzera italiana

Paolo Girola
Vice President, Study Centre Federico Peirone of the Archdiocese of Turin

Vega Tescari
Lecturer, Academy of architecture Università della Svizzera italiana

Natascha Fioretti
Journalist, Head of the cultural section of Azione