Elective term

The Elective term starts after the fourth semester of the Master (beginning of August) and ends after the fifth semester (end of February). During this time, students are required to engage for at least 6 months in full-time internships at different clinics of their own choosing.

At the clinics, students will be employed as medical candidates (CandMed) and will work under the strict supervision of assistant physicians.

The personal form "CandMed programme" to be completed for the 6 months Elective term is available here.


Responsibility and deadlines

Every student is responsible for the organisation of his/her own internship.

All students must submit the programme of their Elective term (together with the email or letter of confirmation for each station) to the Dean’s Office latest by 30 May, which will grant approval provided the intended programme is in line with the requirements and the deadlines. After completion of the clinical traineeship, all students must hand in their signed certificates by 30 March of the sixth semester.

For further details, please refer to the Directives for the Elective Term.


Suggested CandMed positions in Ticino

- At EOC

- At Cardiocentro

- At Clinica Luganese Moncucco (contact person: Cristiano Canuti, HR; +41 (0)91 960 81 40; [email protected])

- At Clinica psichiatrica Viarnetto (contact person: Lorenza Bolzani, [email protected])

- At Clinica psichiatrica cantonale (contact: 091 816 55 30 [email protected])

- In family doctor practices: a list of doctors interested in having CandMeds is available (on request) at the Dean's Office.