OSCE Exams - the Objective Structured Clinical Examination

The practical examination is defined as the Objective Structured Clinical Examination or OSCE examination.

The OSCE examination consists of a series of tests, called stations, to be tackled by the students one after the other.

There are 4 practical OSCE examinations during the three years of Master’s programme.

The first exam consists in 6 formative stations, the second in 4 formative stations, both with group’s feedback, at the end of each semester. The third exam is summative and includes 10 stations. It takes place at the end of the 4th semester and it simulates the federal exam. The fourth exam, at the end of the 6th semester, is formative and consists in 6 stations with individual feedback.

All information about the OSCE Exam are available in this document:
Guidelines for the drafting and selection of OSCE practical clinical examinations

At the following link you can see how an OSCE examination takes place.

Dates Exams:

12.06.2023 OSCE Exam III. and IV. semester

28.06.2023 MC Exam IV. semester

04.07.2023 MC Exam VI. semester

06.07.2023 MC Exam II. semester

07.07.2023 OSCE Exam VI. semester

10.07.2023 OSCE Exam II. semester

22.08.2023 Recovery MC Exam 1. year

24.08.2023 Recovery MC Exam 2. year