Multiple-Choice written Exam (MC Exam)

The multiple-choice written exam (MC Exam) is a test in which the knowledge and skills acquired during the previous semester are assessed.

Starting from the second semester, the skills acquired in all previous semesters are also assessed.

All information about MC Exam are available in this document:
Guidelines for the drafting and selection of Multiple-Choice Exam questions

Students are automatically enrolled in the MC exam: it is possible for students to withdraw in GESTU from one month to five days before the MC exam.

Dates Exams:

12.06.2023 OSCE Exam III. and IV. semester

28.06.2023 MC Exam IV. semester

04.07.2023 MC Exam VI. semester

06.07.2023 MC Exam II. semester

07.07.2023 OSCE Exam VI. semester

10.07.2023 OSCE Exam II. semester

22.08.2023 Recovery MC Exam 1. year

24.08.2023 Recovery MC Exam 2. year