Master thesis

Writing a Master thesis is mandatory for all medical students, it completes the Master program and is a prerequisite for being admitted to the Federal exam. The Master thesis is an individual, scientific document, in which students prove their capacity to use methodological tools to analyze and investigate a topic related to clinical medicine, biomedicine, computational science or the human sciences.

For students who want to start their Master thesis, a list of more than 100 topics is available on

Students can either choose from the topics list or define their thesis topic together with their thesis supervisor. Once defined all the relevant steps, students need to complete the “Master thesis agreement” and hand it in to the Dean’s office:

For further details, please refer to:


Access the Master Thesis topics list

To access the Master Thesis topics list, an access code is needed. Please send your request for the access code via email to: Once you have your code, proceed with the following steps:

  • go to
  • go to “Login AAI” and access with your Net-ID
  • go to “Courses USI”
  • go to “BIOMED”
  • click on “Master Thesis 2019-2020”
  • insert the access code received from